by Lower Depths

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released February 2, 2016

Recorded and Mixed at Anthill Studios in Seguin, TX.
All instruments performed by Lower Depths.
All vocals performed by Esai Navarro
Produced by Anthony Leal
Vocal production by Justin Ramirez
Artwork by Carlos Cardenas.

Lower Depths:
Vocals - Esai
Guitar - Ryne
Drums - Anthony
Guitar - Josh
Bass - Zack




Lower Depths Texas


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Track Name: 24 Years
Twenty four years locked inside this hell.
Personally caged inside a cell.
Something I can't escape.
Cant run from my fate.
Destined to be alone.
The stars have told me so.
Everyday is worst than the last.
I can't seem to outrun my past.

I let it consume me,
as I fill with pity.
When will this end?
Can I feel whole again?

Take a look at me.
Tell me, what do you see?
I hide behind a fake smile.
I haven't felt a thing in a while.

Can't love me if i don't love myself.
Filled this hole with something else.
Everyday is worst than the last.
Cant seem to outrun my past.

Im losing time.
I can no longer sleep,
with this darkness consuming me.
Numb to whats placed in front of me.

Happiness and love,
don't know my name.
I did this to myself,
and I accept the blame.
Track Name: Coffin
You can't kill me I'm already dead.
Trapped in a coffin inside my head.
Wooden splinters in my finger tips.
Left here to rot inside a ditch.

Justice dealt.
Left with no rope.
The reapers hands wrapped around my throat.
Death is stalking my every road.
No air to breath.
Slid down the slope.

Six feet underneath,
and I'm trapped in the deep,
end of my mind,
But i'm not loosing sleep
Take all you want from me.
Left with my tragedies,
and i've got nothing but my pain.
Track Name: Disguise
Life's a bitch, and then you die.
Nothings fair.
A blessing in disguise.
Realized prayers were lies.
Eye for an eye in a world gone blind.
Fight to survive.
Your life or mine.
In this race against time.
Being lead by the blind.
But what's inside?

You live.
You learn.
You fail.
You die.
You see through the lies.
And people you despised,
were the ones in a disguise.

The people you thought were your friends,
were really your enemies,
with secret identities.
Track Name: Lost
You've left me broken.
Pulled by a string.
Drag me along,
till you're done with me.
And it's so hard,
to just move on.
Dwell in a cage.
Think of where I went wrong.

Pushed aside,
and kept away.
Like a toy,
without a battery.
Hide me from the world.
You tore me apart.
Ripped to shreds,
and I don't know where I start.

I left it up to you,
to tell me what you want.
I don't mean shit.
Just a thing to flaunt.
So unclear.
Just make up your mind.
Don't tell me your lies.
So unloved.
Empty and broken.
You think you would've gone unnoticed?
I've made my choice,
to push you away.
You've made your bed,
so this is where you'll lay.

Hide behind your eyes.
Back room lies and your shady vibes.
When you struggle with something,
you won't survive.
Can't hang on to hope when you've severed the rope.
What's done is done.
This is goodbye